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Historically, typical roofing contractors make themselves available when you have a roofing problem. Your roof has a leak and the roofer is glad to repair or replace your roof.

Quality Roofing is not your typical roofing contractor: We rush out to your location when you contact us. However, once we get there, we slow way down. We take all the time needed to fully evaluate the cause of your roof concerns. We solve your immediate roof problems with our roof repair shop on wheels.

Often, money is spent needlessly on new roofs that may have had years of life left in them. Periodic repairs and maintenance can often extend the life of a roof for many years.

Extending the service life of your roof saves you money and eliminates dealing with leaks, ceiling and interior damage, mold and other problems.

If you think things on your roof are OK, but you know that you are due for an independent roof evaluation, then we will come out and inspect your entire roof and let you know your roof’s true condition. For this, there is no fee. A fee is charged if the roof inspection and report are for a third party, such as a buyer, insurance or mortgage company. This is usually less than $100.

Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to help you ge more out of your roof.


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I hope you email me your roof questions. As a certified inspector, I have years of roof inspection experience that I am happy to share with you. thequalitydifference@yahoo.com


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