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We work to find the real source of the problems the first time, and then offer you our experience and knowledge to reveal the best solutions. Often, it's something you may be able to do yourself, if you so desire. If you ask us to do the work, then we give you the assurance that your roof work will be done with a high level of quality of workmanship and materials. We will correct the problem from replacing roof shingles, to sealing flat roofs, and if present, remove damaged wood and put the roof covering back together with care and professionalism.

We have chosen not to show several projects that we have worked on at this time, (we may add them later), but here are some points for you to know about roof maintenance:

Because one reason for roof failure comes from the build-up of debris which can cause water to back-up and result in a roof leak, there are a few things that should be done as preventive maintenance.

Leaves and other debris can also cause staining and the growth of algae. To prevent this from happening, all that is required is a simple roof cleaning two to three times a year or anytime debris begins to build.

Another cause of leaks, lifted nails. These are also called backnailed shingles or nail pops.

Look at your roof from the ground. Do you see lifted shingles that resemble "fish mouths"? These are shingles that have been lifted up by nails that have backed out of the roof's wood decking. They are potential leaks and should be sealed after the nail has been removed or nailed back down. These are a more difficult to properly correct than cleaning debris off of your roof, so you may call on us to fix these.

One more thing, if there are any roof-to-wall intersections, check to see if the shingles or the wall show indications of moisture intrusion or an improper installation. There should be roof flashings under the wall and the shingles, which you usually cannot see, but if the flashings are damaged or leaking, warping or sagging may be visible.

Please call on us anytime for an inspection.


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